Beston Pororo Inflatable Bounce House Slide for Sale in Kazakhstan

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Beston Pororo Inflatable Bouncer Slide for Sale in Kazakhstan

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Beston group manufactures and supplies various high quality inflatables (bounce house, inflatable slides, inflatable jumping castles, inflatable combos, inflatable obstacle course, inflatable camping or party tents, inflatable pools and pool slides, and other products for advertising or sports, etc.) for sale at competitive prices! Beston also customizes different types of inflatable products for our customers according to their requirements! Continue Reading →

Customer Feedback of Beston Various Inflatables for Sale

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BCT-004 Beston Inflatable Clear Transparent Tent Cheap

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BWP-01 Beston Inflatable Floating Water Park for Sale

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Beston has designed, manufactured, and exported various inflatable products to a large number countries and areas around the world. These inflatables include: inflatable floating water park, mechanical bull rides, inflatable bouncy castle, inflatable playground, inflatable slides, bounce house/jumping house, inflatable obstacle course, inflatable twister, inflatable pools, inflatable camping tent, inflatable wedding party tent and so on. Continue Reading →

Beston Bounce House with Slide for Sale in Australia

quality commercial bounce house with slide
bounce house slide combo for sale
commercial bounce house with slide

Various Bounce House with Slide Cheap Available in Beston!

Australia customer has bought a set of bounce house slide (Size: 6.7×5.8×4.6m) from Beston Inflatables. The followings are the product details of this bounce house slide for sale in Beston’s factory! Continue Reading →

Small Inflatable Bouncy Castles for Sale in Kenya

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Small Bouncy Castles for Kenya Customers

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Beston Kids Inflatable Jumping Castles in Kenya

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Customer from Kenya has bought two kinds of small bouncy castles for his business in the shopping mall from Beston inflatables – the professional and leading manufacturer of various inflatables. The followings the photos of these two inflatable jumping castles (Size: 5m*4.8m and 4mX4.5mX3m) in Beston’s factory. Continue Reading →

Giant Inflatable Slides for Sale in Australia

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Beston Giant Blue Cat Inflatable Slides in Australia

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Beston Mario Big Inflatable Slides in Australia

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One of our customers from Australia has bought two sets of inflatable slides for the Halloween in the November from Beston Inflatables. The two models are the Blue Cat inflatable slides (size: 9m*6.5m) and the Mario inflatable slides (size: 16m*9m*8m), which are fairly popular and welcomed around the world. Especially, kids and adults love this kind of commercial inflatable slides. These large inflatable slides with the best prices are decorated with the popular cartoon characters, attracting the attention of any passer-by. Therefore, we can imagine the degree of how welcomed of these inflatable slides in the Halloween party! The following are the inflatable slides in the factory and the customer feedback of how this inflatable slides boom their Halloween! Continue Reading →

Malaysia Customers Buy Pumpkin Inflatable Obstacle Course for Halloween

china bouncy house obstacle course

Halloween Pumpkin Inflatable Obstacle Course for Sale

inflatable obstacle course for sale

Malaysia Customers buy the Obstacle Course for Halloween

Quality Inflatable Obstacle Course for Halloween Cheap!

Malaysia customers has bought a set of pumpkin inflatable obstacle course for the Halloween with the competitive prices from Beston Company. And the size is 12m*4m and the color and theme conform to the festival. And it is new type of inflatable obstacle games and boom their business in Halloween as well as improve the business profits in the following days. Check the product details in the FACTORY: Continue Reading →

Christmas Large Inflatable Slides for Sale

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BIS-C01 Christmas Big Inflatable Slides for Sale in Beston

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This is one of the large inflatable slides for our customers, which is mainly designed for the Christmas festival. And this is one of the most popular inflatable slides or bounce house in Beston Group. The followings are the details of this giant blow up slides in the factory: Continue Reading →

Moscow Customers Buy Inflatable Air Tent for Car Washing in Beston

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Beston Inflatable Tent for Moscow Customer

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Beston Inflatable Tent for Car Washing

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Beston, the top inflatable tents manufacturer, supplies different types of inflatable camping tents and the color, size and model are custom available! Various air tents are suitable for Wedding Party, Music Festival, Shows, Event, Concert, Promotions, Exhibitions, Races, Performance, and so on. And the followings are the inflatable air tent in our factory for one of our customer in Moscow. And the Moscow customer bought this blow up tents for car washing! And the whole size is customized as 8m*5m*4m and the color is blue and white. Continue Reading →

Small Inflatable Bounce House with Slide for Sale in Australia

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Low Price Inflatable Bounce House Slide in Australia

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Customers from Australia has bought a small inflatable bounce house with slide with the best prices for their indoor entertainment center in Beston Inflatables. And this small inflatable jumping house is mainly designed for kids to have great fun there. It always attracts a lot of kids to jump and slide in the inflatable bouncer slide. The size of this bounce combos is 4m*4m*2.6m and the main colors are composed of red, yellow and blue. This bounce house with slide is manufactured with 100% Upper High Quality PVC Tarpaulin and it is produced with advanced technique, making it long-lasting. Besides, it can improve the entertainment center business by investing with little fund. Continue Reading →