Beston Pororo Inflatable Bounce House Slide for Sale in Kazakhstan

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Beston Pororo Inflatable Bouncer Slide for Sale in Kazakhstan

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Beston group manufactures and supplies various high quality inflatables (bounce house, inflatable slides, inflatable jumping castles, inflatable combos, inflatable obstacle course, inflatable camping or party tents, inflatable pools and pool slides, and other products for advertising or sports, etc.) for sale at competitive prices! Beston also customizes different types of inflatable products for our customers according to their requirements!

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One of Kazakhstan customers bought a set of pororo inflatable bounce house combos. This pororo inflatable bounce house with slide is a very popular model inflatables for sale in Beston Inflatables! Pororo the Little Penguin is a famous Korean computer-animated television series, which is widely known around the world and specially loved by kids. And this bounce house slides is originated from the Pororo the Little Penguin and is attractive for kids in parks, indoor and outdoor playground, square, and some other public scenes. And the size of this bounce house slide is 10m*8m*6m and also is available to customize.

Beston Pororo Inflatable Bounce House Slide for Sale in Kazakhstan

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