Inflatable Twister For The Ultimate Party Fun

If you want your party to really go with a swing then this is one way to do it. Hiring (or buying if you’ve got the cash) a giant inflatable twister is the most fun you can have in the garden without taking any of your clothes off. Of course, you’ll have to take off your shoes but that’s really all.
Anybody can join in so there’s no excuse for people to sit on the sidelines, although sitting on the sidelines can be pretty entertaining too. This has got one giant advantage over the traditional twister type of game – when you do fall over . . . which of course you will, it’s not a question of “if” but more a question of “when” . . . when you do fall over you won’t land in a heap onto the floor, you’ll land in a heap onto the soft, springy comfort of a giant inflatable twister mattress. This means that you can be much more adventurous with your game because you stand a very slim chance of actually hurting yourself.
These giant games are suitable for up to 10 players and are played in exactly the same way as the traditional twister mat. The inflatable twister mattress has a series of colored dots which the players must touch with only their hands and their feet. Of course, a giant game needs a giant wheel which is provided also.
All you have to do is to spin the wheel which will tell each player which colored dots they need to stand on – the wheel will tell each player not only the color but which part of their body they must use to touch it. It may sound straightforward initially but it does get pretty tricky and really is so much fun. It’s so entertaining watching each player try their best to become contortionists . . . similar to human pretzels . . . as they move around trying to touch the latest color with their hand or foot.
The last player which hasn’t collapsed into a heap on the mattress is the winner.
This is a great party game for adults and children alike. You just plug it in and blow it up, a little bit like a bouncy castle.
These inflatable toys have breathed new life into the popular 1960’s game and brought it slap bang up to date. If you really want your next garden parties to go with a swing you know what to do.

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